Last night everyone seemed to have plans, but Boone.   That's not a problem because, as you've probably noticed, I like... love to take him along with Mike and me.  Part of it is because he is so dang cute.  The other reason though is Boone loves to eat!  He remembers being hungry in the orphanage and he'll tell you all about it.  He'll tell you how he had to work, and if you didn't work, you didn't eat.  Well, that is a good thing--if you're an adult.  But Boone was a 45 pound little boy.  He'll tell you how tired he got after he worked too.  

The funny thing is I can't get him to even fold his own clothes half way decent!  Making him make his bed is a big chore too!  Of course, I've never taken his food away though.  LOL


OK, Boone button your shirt right.  Boone is a good conversationalist.  You do have to be careful what you say in front of him because he hears and pays attention to everything... EVERYTHING. 



At the same time he doesn't do a lot of goofing off when his Dad is around.  He knows to behave. 

Summer has been flying by and soon school will be starting.  : - ((  Boone has been telling me for two weeks the exact date the school will be posting who is new teacher is.  He can't wait to find out.  I really hope he loves whoever it is like he has LOVED his last two teachers.  Boone had the same teacher, Mrs Craney, for 1st and 2nd grade, and he really ADORED her.  He liked his 3rd grade teacher a lot too. Good thing I'm not a jealous person.  In 3rd grade, he stopped by Mrs. Craney's class every morning to say hello and get some love!  Their feelings were mutual.  LOL 


I order this a lot... like all the time.  Like every time we go there.  Chicken Applewood Salad.  LOVE. 


And when I force myself to stop eating, I always know Boone will finish it.  After dinner was over I noticed Boone buttoned his shirt wrong.  He could care less!  At home, he often grabs whatever shoes are closest, and it doesn't matter if they match or not. 

Sweets are not Boone's favorite food.