OMWord, Shepard is growing up like the rest of them!!


Ever since I adopted Stafan I felt a"need." I wanted Stafan to have a side kick.  He needed a brother, because Brady had left home, and lived far away.  And just a couple of years after getting Stafan, I was given the chance to get Shepard. 


But we had already committed to adopt a lovely little girl--our Remi.  I don't how or why, but once again I'm sure it was God, I got strong vibes to ask the agency we were using at the time (Madison Adoption Associates) if we could adopt two.  That was several years ago, and at that time, I had never heard of anyone adopting two kids from China at the same time.  But I asked anyway.  Madison said they would need a few days to figure it out, but they told me they thought China would allow us to get two, especially since I was looking to get an older boy.    I wasn't even supposed to tell anyone at first.  I'll never forget them saying, "I'll just tell China no one is looking at the older boys, and of course that was all true!!"

shepard baptized


The rest is history.  We got this fine son who became Stafan's sidekick.  

One of Shepard's referral pictures. 

Shepard Forrest 3.jpeg

Stafan at the air

Just Sunday I was out shopping with my girlfriend.  We took just the two of them (Stafan and Shepard), and she commented on how cute they are together. 

Stafan meeting Aunt Becki

Stafan eating

Bret and Stafan


And, it worked out so GREAT I decided to get a couple more fine sons.  : - )

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. 

Romans 8:28