Well, you know my two new sons are still trying to work out a few kinks with their behavior at school.  It is OK though--really!  I know soon they will be perfect little students just like my others.  Meanwhile, the teachers and I just keep
plugging along.  : - )


His apology letter to his teacher.


The shame of it all...



And, yes Pryor has had a couple bad days also.  He claimed to have read some books he didn't actually read.  

Me:  "Pryor did you cheat in China?"

Pryor:  "Yes." 

Me:  "How many times?"  

Pryor:  "5"

At least he is honest--sort of. 

Then there was the episode of him using the "wrong" finger in the lunch room.  Wait a minute!  That finger doesn't even mean that in China, so where did he learn it at?!  The only place he has been since we got him has been to church, school and home.  And, we don't do that at home.  And I don't think he learned it at church.  Hmmm... turned out he was being a follower at school--I can't stand followers.  Anyway, he has now been moved to a different table.   


Scan 211

Me:  "Boone this is so sweet!"

Boone:  "Can I watch TV now?"

Me:  "No." 

BTW, neither boy has watched TV for a while now.  They have to prove they deserve it, and it is killing them, hence the love notes.  : - )

Scan 142680001




Maybe the teachers just aren't strict enough here.