Thank you Delta Alpha Gamma



These nice ladies from the local Delta Alpha Gamma sorority awarded Arden a scholarship.  Ironically, one of the ladies told us that the local Delta Alpha Gamma chapter formed in the 1920s and originally raised money to buy children milk and lunch for school.  I say ironic because one of Arden's few memories from the orphanage is crying when she was hungry from not getting enough or any milk (which was most of the time).  Even though she was very young, she has those memories because some of the orphanage workers would make fun of the way she cried and even mock her. 

I don't mind saying that I think Delta Alpha Gamma picked a very deserving student.  Arden graduated with academic honors, was a member of National Honor Society and played varsity tennis.  I know God has big plans for her and pray that she follows His path.

A little celebrating.