Learning to be more than best friends.  Learning to be sisters.  


Remember the story of how we found out they were just not best friends, but actually biological sisters?  If not, you can click here to read it.

Today, Abigail's (left) father picked up Remi to take them to their family cabin.  The girls will spend time together as.... sisters. 


  I was asked just today how the girls felt about not being adopted "as sisters."  Abigail and Remi each has had her own family since 2010 (they were adopted 2 weeks apart) and each has had plenty of time to bond with her own family before we confirmed they were sisters, so it has not been a problem at all.  Let's put it this way-- they are both VERY happy with where they are, and they do not want that to change.

Some day, if they don't already, the girls will appreciate the fact God put them both in God fearing, God loving, God worshiping families.  They are also going to appreciate the fact their mothers and fathers recognize the fact that they are biological sisters and want them to embrace that.  Judging by the way they act when they're together, it appears they are doing just that.