Small window

There is a small window of opportunity between the time the new kids learn enough English and the time they start forgetting their "prior" life in China.  That just gives me a little time to ask them questions about their past.  Which makes me a "pryer."  Not really, that is what I'm supposed to do.  And,  "Pryor" is who I am talking about.  : - )

Prior:  preceding in time or in order; earlier or former; previous: A prior agreement prevents me from accepting this.

Pryer:  a person who pries  

Pryor:  A boy whose name I got from my friend, Ginger.  Ginger got it off her family tree from a person she doesn't have a clue about.   


Me:  So how do you like America?  Is it ok?

Pryor:  No, not ok.  Veeery good.   


Me:  Why do you like it?

Pryor:  You and Dad and the food is good.


Me:  I thought you said you liked the foster parents a lot.

Pryor:  They don't like me so I don't like them.

That came from a phone call Pryor made to the foster parents a couple of weeks after he got to the US.  He had always said very good things about them.  He looked fairly healthy too, so I do believe they took good care of him.  When he called them he was only on the phone a couple of minutes.  He told me they asked him if he liked it here, but that was about it.  When all the kids asked him why he got off the phone so quick he told them it wasn't any of their business.  Those weren't the exact words, but more or less I could tell that was what he was saying.  I could also tell he was hurt and embarrassed.  

I have no idea why they didn't talk more to him.  Maybe they thought the phone call was costing them money.  Maybe it was the Chinese Communist way and they were just doing what they were told, since they aren't really supposed to be talking to the kids after they leave their home.  :  ((  Either way, that call changed the way Pryor felt about them and it has moved him along closer to us.  I'm still sad though that they did that to him.