My brother, my little sister, who we called Knobby Knees, and me.  I think my brother was dressed up to be in his friend's wedding and we were going too. I can still remember that dress and the shoes.  I was probably 14 y.o.    

70s Yep

Wow, maybe my knee socks were in style???


Look at that plaid jacket and matching plaid pants. That explains my dress!! 1970s-poncho

My sister and I both had one. I remember I loved it and felt very, very cool. Actually, I love the word cool. : - )





About every summer, my Dad rented one of these and we headed for the hills. Usually the Smokies, but once it was the Rockies. Boy, do I remember driving to Colorado. My oldest brother complained the entire way there, because he wanted to stay home. My other brother complained all the way back, because he wasn't ready to go home. I still remember laying along the top of the seat up against the window. How was that for safety?! Oh well, it was just a 70s thing. My youngest sister and I were chanting, "I want to go home, I want to go home. . . ." until my Dad screamed “SHUT UP!” We knew we had pushed too far. My oldest sister was the only good one out of all of us and like usual she said nothing. My Mom complained most of the time because of the short notice my Dad gave her to get ready. He literally came home from work the night before we left and told her we were leaving for Colorado the next morning. She had to pack for 5 kids (without a decent washing machine), find someone to take care of our animals and make sure my brothers found someone to do their paper routes. I can't in a million years imagine putting up with that kind of a man, but that was my Dad.


When I was young my Mom fixed big dinners every night.  She was a great cook and her pork chops melted in your mouth.  By the time I was a teenager we were eating like this.   My Dad said one time, "I don't know what she does with all the money. We don't eat good."  I guess she finally got tired of his silliness.  : - )

Can you hear this song?!!  My favorite song ever... back then.