Mike's Fathers Day

Arden went out with some girlfriends the night before to Olive Garden. She brought Mike home this piece of cake. I think he might had a tear in his eye. : - )


After church I took him out to dinner.  OK, he paid for it.
You can almost see Mike in the back. It was kind of funny, because we were standing in line and a little girl who Mike used to coach saw my sister's husband.  She likes both of them and she hollers at my BIL "Happy Fathers Day!" Then, I hear her say to her mom, "Aah, they have all of them..." She was talking about the kids. It was cute, but it sounded like we had brought out all our little puppy dogs.  My kids could care less. They are sooo use to it.
My sister and her kids went too. We had to wait in line about 30 minutes. This is a cafeteria, but it is family owned (3rd generation) and one of the best places to eat in IN.
Eliot is messing with his IPOD here, but Remi has one too. She often texts her foster sister from China.  Her foster sister was adopted and now lives in Oregon. She's coming to visit Remi again!  She came last summer too.  Remi can't wait, because they lived together a long time.   Last night Remi asks, "Can I call the foster mom?"  She is talking about the family she lived with in China.  She stayed on the phone forever talking to the foster mom's biological daughter who is in her 20s.  The foster mom told Remi before we even met her that in America all we eat are hamburgers.  After talking to her again last night Remi said, "I told her we don't,  but I don't think she believes me."