5th graders

We will have four 5th graders.

This was their school assignment. If you look close they are all the same, but different. I was bummed that Shepard did something with his before I got a hold of it. The first one (left) belongs to Stafan, the middle one is Lyric's and then Cokie's. Lyric said the assignment was suppose to be an elevator going to a convention on the 14th floor and they were picking up a clown, Quaker, cowboy, parrot, pig, Abraham Lincoln and a scientist and themselves.

You can see Lyric's name is on the bottom which means she got hers put on display. Lately we've realized she is really a good artist!

L to R Lyric, Stafan, Cokie and Shepard.  Second, to the last day of school. They were getting pretty excited.

So much that Lyric's teacher had to email me.  She said she told Lyric to stay in on recess since she "forgot" to turn in an assignment, but then she "forgot" to stay in on recess. 


Lyric is not only in advanced Math, but they put her in the super Math class.  The principal said Stafan should probably be in advanced too.  They all do good in Math though.


This year Cokie, Shepard and their cousin Gabrielle will all be in the same class.


Stafan claims he's happy to be alone.


Gabrielle.  She was with Stafan K thru 3rd.  In kindergarten Stafan was just learning English and the teacher asked her if she wanted to help Stafan some.  She said, "No."   Gabrielle is really very sweet and loves school, but hey it was her cousin who she already had to spend half her life with, and he was a boy!


Gabrielle with her sister.