Flash Back Friday

Payton Victoria
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Payton is my youngest sister's daughter. I started watching Payton while her parents were working about as soon as she was born. My Mom tried to watch her, but soon after Payton was born my Mom went on dialysis.  Still, my Mom and I both watched Payton until my Mom died when Payton was 3 y.o.  Now I usually see Payton anywhere from 3 to 7 days a weeks as you can probably see from my blog.
Scan 131670035
Payton, me and my nephew Corey. Payton is really a sweet girl. She talks about maybe wanting to be a missionary. Her Dad doesn't think it is as funny as I do when I say she takes after our side of the family.  Well?

Payton was awarded this by our town last week.  I may get this story all wrong.  Payton said she had a new substitute teacher at school right before school was out.  The teacher was introducing herself. Payton was talking to her friends and wasn't paying attention. I guess Payton burst out laughing and the class all looked at Payton.  Payton looked around and said, "What?"  Someone told Payton she just laughed at the teacher.  After class was over Payton went up to the new teacher and apologized. 

I think it says something for our community's schools that they recognized Payton by giving her this award, especially after watching a segment on Fox last nightBill O’Reilly said he feels that out of control kids, bad parenting and lack of support from school administrators is pushing the teachers over the edge.  Anyway, way to go Payton.
Or, try this link: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/02/06/oreilly-epidemic-of-disrespect-due-mainly-to-public-schools/