Just being kids

Summer doesn't get any better than this.


The boys are convinced they can catch a bunny for a pet.  Not too sure about that one.


Cokie assures me the internet says wild rabbits do not have rabies.  Not sure about that one either.  


This dog is spoiled.  He knows when the kids are at home.  If they are home and not  in his site at all times he is yelping!   This is day or night.  Is this normal?  : - )

If the kids are at school he knows it and is OK, but if they're in the house he'll go crazy and chew up all the flip flops in the garage and we like, and need our flip flops. : - )



 When you think it can't get any better more cousins show up. 


Gabrielle (left) just came from the dentist.  She has just had 5 baby teeth pulled to make room for her adult teeth.