Sarcastic answers to dumb questions.

In the adoption world you get a lot of odd questions and comments. Tonight Mike took the kids to the Wednesday dinner at church. He and the kids both love it! I'm not exactly into it and usually don't go. Mike said a man he didn't know sat down at a table beside them and kept looking over at them and smiling. He said the man seemed nice enough, but got in a lot of the usual things like "Wow! Ten kids! How big is your house?" Do people really think orphans in China each have their own private bedroom and bathroom? So I couldn't help but laugh at some of the snappy answers served up to this guys weird questions. The man looked at Mike and then said to Lyric, "Do you like this man?" Lyric said "Yes." Man: "Why do you like him? Lyric dryly: "Because he is my Dad." Man: "What is your favorite thing about him?" Lyric: "He has a job." On second thought, maybe Lyric wasn't being sarcastic. I guess with all of the Occupy Wall Street nuts out there, there is something to be said for having a Dad with a job.


Lyric on the right with her cousin Gabrielle."