Lael Bian Grace

She is 17 and all grown up. We got Lael (Bian Yuhong) when she was 3 years old in Wuhan, Hubei. I might add she was on the special needs list. She was special need all right--NOT. What she was, was mad at the world -- and she wasn't going to take it anymore! After we got her, it took her several months to get over abandonment, fear and her old orphanage life. Today she is a wonderful Christian girl, has her drivers licenses and I don't want to brag, but she just got selected into NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY! Did you hear me? LAEL GOT SELECTED FOR NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY. OK, so I'm a little excited and proud. Honestly, I would have been surprised if Lael hadn't made it. Thank you Jesus for giving Lael to us.

lael blue dress

I can't find Lael's referral picture right now, but here she was around 7 years old.


Lael decided for her birthday she wanted to eat at FAGO DE CHAO. It is a Brazilian restaurant. We let her take her friend Nate who just happens to be a high achiever like Lael. We had a blast at this place, because none of us had ever eaten there and it was very interesting. I highly recommend it.


In case you haven't been and are interested, here's what to expect. The waiter comes up and gives you a list of instructions on how it all works. First, notice the green circle that says "yes please." They serve 15 very expensive cuts of meats. When you want them to bring it to you you turn the circle up, and when you want them to stop you turn it over to red. We kept it green most of the time. The waiter said we must "glide" the meat to our plate with our tongs. OK, I can glide!


I picked up the fork and oh my goodness! I didn't even know they made forks this heavy. I know they don't sell them like that at Walmart. : - )


Oh the salad bar was so good we were torn on whether to stop eating salad or go for all the high cholesterol. We mainly went for the high cholesterol.



This was a huge bowl shape of Parmesan cheese.



Nate was like us and was laughing and loving it! Now this was service.


Keeping it coming baby!


Here Mike and Lael were making fun of me, because you're supposed to share the potatoes and I kind of took all of them.






Right after Lael got home. Still sporting the famous orphanage hair cut and still mad at the world. After she learned enough English she told us how she was sprayed with cold hoses for a shower and there there were no chairs to sit at when you ate. She had some infections we had to get cleared up and after she got some hair she was good to go. :- ) Whitney was used to being in charge around most kids, but I'll never forget after Lael got her English Whitney saying to her "close the door!" Lael kept right on going and said "Do it yourself." Whitney has respected Lael every since.

Copy of Lael school pic

lael posing