Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there. My Dad would get such a kick out of all his grandkids. Unfortunately, he died in 1998 right before we left for China to get Lael. My Mom didn't live much longer after that, but she at least did get to see Lael. Mom and Dad both spoiled our two oldest Whitney and Brady, and my younger eight have really missed out not having them around.

Mike's Fathers Day started a day early. He got this card in the mail:



Mike got all excited and was all "Ahhhh...that was so sweet of Cokie!" I was a little suspicious that maybe Cokie's teacher had the kids make Father's Day cards (it actually came in the mail, and the address on the envelope was in awfully neat handwriting...plus I don't know where Cokie would have gotten a stamp to mail it). Cokie's teacher this year was really sweet and thoughtful and this is just the type of thing I could see him having the kids do in class. My suspicion was confirmed when Mike went to thank Cokie for it. The conversation went something like this:

Mike (holding up the card so proudly): Thanks for the card Cokie! I love it!

Cokie (with a look of complete bewilderment on her face): Uhhh...you're welcome.

Mike: Did you make this in school?

Cokie: Uhh...I think so.

Mike (the cold reality starting to sink in): Do you remember making it?

Cokie: Uhhh...not really.

This was one of those moments where telling Mike "it's the thought that counts" wouldn't really help. At least Cokie's teacher was thinking of him.

Mike really does enjoy his Father's Day though and I wish my Dad were here to see all his grandchildren. I know he would have loved them to pieces.












We still have the dog and people thought I couldn't handle it!