Where do I begin?

We were getting geared up for Bret and Cokie's surgeries on Tues. Things were right on track. Friday was a beautiful day, so after school Mike decided to take the kids to the park. I stayed home to watch my new favorite TV show "Wind at My Back." He hadn't been gone 15 minutes when he phones and says "Cokie broke her arm!!!" Men lose it. It ended up being her elbow.

Looks like things are under control, but this was after we took her to one hospital and they put her in an ambulance and rushed her to our children's hospital. They said it was a bad break and they were worried about nerve and artery damage.

Lyric is feeding Cokie french fries.

They did surgery at 12:30 am and we stayed up all night. : - ( Well, I came home at 3:00am. Mike stayed, because he is the best Dad ever. Prove it, you say? How many men have adopted 10 kids? And he is crazy about each one of them, although I suspect like a lot of Dads, he sometimes spoils his girls too much and is too hard on his boys.

Back at home her cousin, Darby brings her a frappuccino

Bret is already putting in her dinner order for after her surgery. They know Mike and I will buy them anything they want to eat. It is usually Panda Express. Weirdly, both Bret and Cokie kept going on about wanting beef jerky.

Bret has a knack for making adults like her. Here she is working on a card to give to her doctor. He has done a lot of surgeries on both Bret and Cokie. : - )

Today, he operated on them back to back. Cokie went first. So now Cokie has a brace on her foot, broken arm and who knows how many staples in her head. I'll count them later. : - ) Lael says "Cokie is going to be a strooong woman."



She started out with DQ that her Uncle brought her. Actually, we had already stopped at Panda Express on the way home.

I wanted to blog about the new wing the hospital built. Oh my goodness! It is nice. The room Cokie was in Friday night has two flat screen TVs, private bath with shower, refrigerator, wii and a great view of the city.

If you look to the right side of downtown, you can see Indy's football stadium and the new JW Marriott that was built for the Superbowl next year. Mike worked on the heating and cooling contracts for both buildings, so if you're uncomfortable at the Marriott or a Colts game, you can blame him.

OK, so in the Bible it says when you get to Heaven (if you accept Jesus and I have) you get a crown. Well, I don't want a crown! I want a mansion and I want this green tile!!!!!!!!!!!

The hotel--I mean hospital--is really, really pretty. The huge donor was Simon, which is weird because he is an Obama supporter. People should give because they want to and not because the government makes you.

Sigh...they are drop dead gorgeous. I want another one--no I don't--yes I do.



It was a long day.