Indianapolis 500 Parade








Florence Henderson is rumored to be 77 years old, but in her case it is years young.


Kellie Pickler took part in festivities surrounding this weekend's Indianapolis 500. She debuted her new single, "Tough," at the Parade.


Fuel game costs Patrick yet another win at Indy. : - (((

Jim Nabors will never be as old as he looks.

Anderson Cooper was named as Grand Marshal. Guess what? He was second choice. They first asked Donald Trump, but certain people didn't like it that Donald wanted to see the birth certificate. It went something like this: INDIANAPOLIS - A groundswell of pressure is starting to build on Indianapolis 500 officials to dump Donald Trump as pace car driver at this month's race.

A Facebook page has rallied more than 7,500 supporters who have placed calls or posted comments on social media sites of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, corporate sponsor IZOD and Chevrolet, sponsor of the pace car program.

They want Trump, well, fired. Personally, I wanted to see it too!

Teresa Scanlan--2011 Miss America

She is pretty. I'll give her that and maybe some was Brady's photography, but her butt really is big for a Miss America. I'm just saying. I wasn't close enough to really see her, but Mike was. I asked him if it was really that big and he said yes. If she was Miss USA Donald Trump would have had something to say about that too. Plus, I don't like that dress. It looks 70ish.