Busy weekend, but fun.

My sister made this cake and we just took it to our hangout. Our down home restaurant puts up with our chaos, because we give all the staff a piece. It was good too!!

My niece, Payton turned 15. Love her so much and always will.




If you haven't figured it out yet the one laying down is my niece Darby and the one standing is our Cokie.



Afterwards we went by the mall to spend money we don't have and let the kids run wild.


Mike and I were invited to a nice dinner. I wish I could have taken pictures of the dinner, but Mike might have killed me.

We stayed out too late Sat. night to go to church which I don't like to do, but my nieces went so I took this pic of them before we went to lunch. Anyway, I think people that don't take their kids to church regularly are really messing up. I think you're cheating your kids out of a relationship with Jesus Christ.


We were eating lunch when Mike decided we needed a dog! We hadn't had any animals for over 10 years! Mike got on his cell and and we ended up with Jeeves! I had actually been saying I wanted a Boston Terrier for a few months, but Mike hadn't been too excited, but let me tell you Mike is smitten. Mike doesn't even mind that he'll probably have to go back on allergy shots.

We honestly felt kind of guilty that our kids didn't have at least one animal.


We had not even got home with the dog before my son was calling from Ft. Campbell saying he heard we got a dog--you know facebook.

Lyric actually said to me "Finally you'll have something to do while we are at school.

Nope, this is not Jeeves. This is his brother, Bowden. The next day my niece called and said "Aunt Sammy, my Mom says I can have a dog!!!" So I drove Payton to get him. Payton is such an animal lover and her Mom had only let her have a cat till now. So tomorrow Jeeves and Bowden are having a play date. What am I becoming? I'm so not an animal lover, but I really like Jeeves. : - )