Upward Basketball and Cheerleading

Upward Basketball and Cheerleading is a wonderful Christian program, and we are so lucky that our church participates. To cap an already great season, Mike was able to talk the people who run Conseco Fieldhouse (home of the Indiana Pacers) into letting the 5th and 6th graders play their last games there. Remi and Bret play in the 5th and 6th grade league, and so does my nephew Eliot. Eliot had the game of his life, so it was an especially cool experience for him (and I'm sure his dad, who coached him, too). The Pacers also let the cheer squad Cokie is on cheer at a Pacers game the next night. Whitney cheered in high school, so she wanted to coach her sister Cokie and cousins Gabrielle and Darby. They were REALLY loud and REALLY good! Great job girls, and great job coaching Whitney!

Mike also was able to get us into a suite for the game Cokie cheered. I have to admit, I could careless about sports, but if you tell me I get to hang out in a suite with some fancy food, I'm in (although I was pretty bummed the dessert cart didn't come around). I do know sports are good for the kids, so I like them playing--even if I don't know whether the game is supposed to be played on a field or a court. What can I say? Sue me. These pictures are blurry, because we took them from the suite.

My niece Darby (in front) is such a shy little thing...NOT! She is smart and knows how to make you laugh.


Just when the girls couldn't think they were any cooler, Boomer, the Pacers mascot, jumped in our suite! I was even shocked he could do that. The girls were thrilled and let out huge SCREAMS.





Mike spent most of the game with Cokie on his lap. Finally, Gabrielle came up and asked him, "Uncle Mike, can I sit on your other lap?" He loved the attention more than the game.