Bill and Aunt Adria 1
My Aunt Adria, who I named Remi after, has cancer and is praying for a miracle, and since we believe in them we are requesting prayers!

Aunt Adria
I only remember her living in Louisiana, but she still comes home every summer. As a kid I spent time with her and my cousins at my Grandma's house. She was prettier than Doris Day and had the coolest clothes. I remember my Grandma thinking Aunt Adria's skirts were too short, but Aunt Adria didn't mind. I also remember one time they left to go back to Louisana. Grandma looked so sad. She softly said "You always wonder if this will be the last time you ever see them." I used to watch Aunt Adria put her make up on and even the way she held her hands. She always carries herself so confidently, which made a big impression on me as a kid. She was one of those women every young girl wanted to grow up and be like. I'll never forget one time we went out to eat. A man about a foot away stood staring at her. I guess she felt his stare, so she turned and looked straight into his face and with her thick Louisana accent said, "hello." He was so shocked he didn't say a word and turned away embarrassed. I thought, wow, so that is how you do it. I never picked up my Aunt Adria's class, but I sure tried. Please say a prayer for her.