It's past midnight and the kids are still playing (they're on Spring Break, so no school tomorrow). I'm sitting here bored for no reason other than I'm SICK of cold weather and I know many of my friends are heading south this very minute. I know this is random, but I've been looking at pictures of Elizabeth Taylor. I wasn't her biggest fan, but it sad she died. So since how I'm feeling right now makes little sense I decided to post some pictures that make no sense.

All I can say is we had better be praying!!

Whitney has always been involved in newspapers or advertising so who knows what she was doing here, but I do know it was the day Obama came to our town. BTW, Whitney is a Libertarian.

Lael was only 14 y.o. when Obama took office. She came home from school crying. Sadly at her age she knew more about politics than half the people that voted.

I warned you this post was going to be random, but maybe I need to look at some comfort food.

Or, maybe something to remind me of hot weather!

Maybe something just sweet and cute.

Haven't saw Brady since Christmas, but found this picture of him. : - ) BTW, he is heading for Germany in a few weeks. Hmm... I could use a vacation.

Have I aged that much? Yeah, well so what?

jan 1 098
What about you Ginger?!!!

Arden and cousin
My niece Payton has changed too.


More cuteness.


I warned you this was going to be random, but wasn't Cokie little and cute?. And, since I'm rambling let me talk about my husband. : - ) He is one great guy! Mike started working in a mailroom out of high school. He then worked his way through college. He then went to law school and graduated in the top 10 percent of his class. He even made law review and got an article published! I'm getting really tired, so enough of this Charlie Sheen rambling--but it is all true unlike Sheen's ramble.