Last week I was shopping at my very favorite store. That would be Gap. The sales girl and I were talking about all the kids I buy clothes for and the fact that at least many of my kids have a "twin" they can share clothes with, which helps. She then asked me why I started adopting. I said "Oh, I have endometriosis." She said sincerely "I'm sorry." I was shocked and thinking "Why?! I'm not." I wonder if she has ever heard the song "Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers"? OK, maybe she doesn't like country music. The point is, knowing how many kids I have, why would someone feel sorry for me because I can't have kids biologically? I mean, if I didn't absolutely adore my kids and love adopting, why would I have adopted ten times? It is not an easy process (sorry to disappoint all you women who like to pop out babies and tell adoptive mothers they got their kids "the easy way"--If pregnancy is so hard, why do you keep getting pregnant?). Adoption certainly isn't the "cheap way" either. But for me, it was God's way, which is always the best way (and the happiness my kids bring me confirms that). Oh well, I guess the fact that someone feels sorry for me means my conceit about my kids isn't showing as bad as I thought it was.