Lot and lots of ice with sick kids!

Their fevers were so high I had to set the alarm 3 times a night for 4 nights. It always makes me sad to think of all the orphans that have no one to take care of them and especially when they are sick.

To keep from getting totally confused I had to write their medicines and times down. Wonder how nurses do it?

You can see the sweat and flushed cheeks. The good news was they didn't vomit any and kept an appetite. The bad news was we went to get Chinese take out one day for lunch. While walking out who stops to wave... their school Principal. I promise they are really sick. Then, it gets worse. They didn't play Upward basketball (church league) this week, but I had to go pick up Mike and the boys from their practice. I never park in the handicap space. I promise. Mind you I could, because Cokie has always wore a brace. Sometimes her leg is in worse shape than others, but I can't bring myself to do that. Anyway, this time since the kids were sick, I didn't want to make them walk far in the cold, so I parked beside the handicap space. The problem was it wasn't a space, but closer to the door. Guess who came walking past me and said hello? Our preacher. Embarrassed again.

Like a lot of the country, the ice storm pretty much shut Indianapolis down. Even Starbucks has been closed--I was handling all of the closures just fine--but that's a problem!