Our 5th in braces.

No, not him! Duh...


It's Remi. The hygienist went over all the tools in the bag for her braces. When she handed it to Remi, Remi whispered "thank you." The hygienist seemed taken back a little, made a little laugh and then gave Remi a smile. I took it that most kids here in the states must take braces more of a right than an expensive gift.

Remi in China. Within a few weeks of this picture her life went in a major direction.

My friend took this picture and gave them the presents in their hands, along with some kisses. It was about two weeks before they left the life of an orphan forever. Remi is so proud of her braces and it has already made a major change her personality. The orphanage does not take very good care of their teeth. They had not even taken out a simple baby tooth that was causing the rest to become very crooked. Remi was so self conscience of it.

Remi is doing great and becoming American very fast. She got pierced ears, learned how to wash with Noxzema and now has the much needed braces. : - ) Oh yeah, she is working hard in school and is going to extra reading classes to prepare for the ISTEPS that she'll have to take soon.