Home Show


We went last Saturday. Nothing is worse than walking through the home show and having to listen to someone put down everything they see. It sounds like sour grapes. So I kept my mouth shut and didn't say anything, but I didn't like this year's at all! Every room was the theme of a movie. The first three pictures are of little things that I did think were kind of cool.

I really liked this kitchen chair.

I loved this door. I thought it looked old, and the mirror was built in the door.

This was when you first walked in.

See the trash on the floor?

The muddy dog prints on the door are kind of cute.

I would put this in the garage.

This too maybe.

I watched Hitchcock's movie "The Birds" one time, and I'll never watch it again. I don't like scary movies. So why would I want my laundry room to remind of it? Laundry is scary enough when you have 10 kids.

Oh my that is ugly paint. It does remind me of bird do...

The office when you first walked in.

The master bedroom

Have you saw the show about hoarders?

Are you kidding me? That's it?

This room was the girl's room. I think most people are a little fascinated by Marilyn Monroe, but come on! Would you really want your daughter's room to be dedicated to her? I suppose maybe your husband might like it.

I don't buy it that she committed suicide. I can think of a lot of other theories that make more sense.

I think she was way too young and had too much going for her to do that.

My theory is JFK didn't know anything about it, but his henchmen did it to protect him. Back then affairs didn't fly. It wasn't like now when Bubba defiled the office (aka Bill Clinton) and half the country could care less.

Then again, Ted Kennedy was with a woman who drowned and didn't report it for hours? Hmmm.... Maybe things were as messed up back then, but only in Massachussets.

OK...back to the home show. I think they should have done the Breakfast at Tiffany's theme for a girl's room.

At least this does look like a typical boys' room.

A bunch of basketballs in the tub. Big deal. But Shepard liked it.

And this is me pretending I'm a journalist hired to cover this story.