Mixed emotions

Ready for school this morning.

The kids went back to school today after their two week CHRISTmas break. I have mixed emotions, and they did too. Bret was home with me all last semester because of a long medical procedure. I really miss her as my sidekick! She was ready to get back to school though.

Since I have a lot of friends that home school it makes me stop and think. On one hand, I miss the kids and the more laid back life style that comes with homeschooling. On the other hand, I love the being able to walk around singing or dancing and not have the kids look at me and say "Mom-mm??"

But our schools are some of the best in the state, so I won't be homeschooling anytime soon. The kids also attend our church anywhere from 2 to 5 times a week and that helps knock out the bad influences that come with public school. I also hope my kids "usually" are the light that comes only from knowing Jesus Christ.

Well, since they're all at school and Mike is at work, I think I'll go enjoy myself. That is right after I do the grocery shopping, three loads of laundry, possibly some cleaning and fix dinner.

Notice anything funny about Shepard's eye? That would be because of STAFAN! Mike and I heard squealing in the bedroom and at first we dismissed it as more playing. I think at the same time we started to think it sounded a little strange. It turned out to be heavy duty fighting. Stafan had thrown Shepard into the girl's little metal trash can. Don't feel too sorry for Shepard though, because he does like to pick at Stafan. However, Mike gave them a very STRONG lecture. Mike then said "where is your new DSI?!" I told him "Too late. I took that away two days ago for something else." It wasn't for fighting. I took the new DSIs away because Lyric got mad at Shepard and tried to stomp on his and then Shepard tried to stomp on hers. That time they got the lecture "DO YOU THINK WE ARE RICH?!!"

Today was Bret's first day of middle school. She came home and asked for me to buy her mascara. This is a screwed up society where girls think they're boys and vice versa. So I told Bret "Yes I will!"

Back to the benefits of homeschooling, this is what I'm talking about! This was Remi's best friend in China's. Look at her new family! They home school and look how great it is! Ok, so they work most of the time. Still they are not on the public school schedule. Sorry if I sound an itsy bitsy jealous. I need to watch more Joyce Meyer.

Isn't Remi's friend (the big girl) too cute? She got such a great family!

Meanwhile, Remi isn't home schooled and look at the weather she is enjoying today compared to her friend.

Lael and Arden. Lael actually asked me here, "Do I look happy?" I replied "Do I look like I care?" My friend says I have a gift of not caring if my kids like me :)

I made these this morning.