One of Bret's favorite people stopped by, Teri

Bret loves Teri. They have a special little bond, because Bret got to travel with us four years ago to adopt Arden and Teri was adopting Annie.

Teri brought Bret some cool crafts and it really made Bret feel special!

I'm sure Arden is envying Bret's stuff, because Arden is pretty crafty.

The Smoothie was compliments of Aunt Becki. I should have taken a picture of her cousin Eliot who brought her over some of his Halloween candy. It was so sweet, because he was so sincere. He said "Aunt Sammy can Bret have some of my candy?"

This is Eliot though. He and Bret have been best buddies since Bret got here when she was 4 1/2 y.o. They have been in the same classroom for 5 years. I have to say Eliot is like a loyal ole dog when it comes to Bret. He won't let anyone mess with Bret!

What better reminder how great our God is!