Oh Happy Day!

We had just your normal, average holiday depending on what you call normal and average. We gave thanks, ate, enjoyed one another and argued about politics. I'm ashamed to say this, but I have a relative that is not as right as I am.

We started out the week with Cokie having a Thanksgiving play.

I started some CHRISTmas decorating.

Remi and Shepard are very intrigued by their first holiday season.

Brady drove all night from Ft Campbell and got home at 6:00am Thanksgiving morning.

Is it just me or does my nephew Sawyer look like a gangster?

Remi and Shepard LOVED Thanksgiving. This picture must have been taking late and they were tired, because most of the day they were running around and taken it all in.

These cousins are so close and truly love each other. Thanksgiving Day Arden wrote on her Facebook that Erin (right)was her favorite cousin ever. Mike told her she shouldn't do that and hurt her cousin Payton's (the blond) feelings. Arden said "Erin wrote it."

I'm really close to my nephew Corey even though now that he is all grown up we are both too busy and don't get to see each other that much. He and his older brother say I'm the one that taught them to like to shop. When they were little I was constantly dragging them shopping. They always got a Matchbox out of it though.

Corey's pretty wife Michelle.