Experts, School Lunches and Other Random, Disconnected Thoughts

I know this may seem like a rambling post, but I'm in the mood to rant, so here goes.

If you're in the adoption world you know some "experts" do not like you to adopt out of birth order. I never intentionally tried to adopt out of birth order, but eventually it didn't work out where it would be right for our family. We've now adopted out of birth order four times. We also have four 2nd Graders. I can't imagine what some "experts" would say about that!

Speaking of experts, I'm really getting sick of all the politically correct crap and all the big government trying to tell us what to do. I've been reading about schools trying to ban all junk food. Have you looked at a school lunch lately? They serve a lot of really fattening food that is not considered "junk"?! Sarah Palin just visited a school and brought cookies too! She is my kind of girl! Next time I visit my kids school, I think I'll bring the kids some deep fried twinkies and tell them to skip the cheeseburger and tater tots or whatever crap the school cafeteria is serving that day.

OK, rant out. How about some pictures of and random, disconnected thoughts about the kids.

I told the kids to pick up sticks in the yard. I'm not sure how much they got done, but they had fun enjoying Indian Summer. Whenever Indian Summer arrives, I always think back to my sweet Grandpa who told me he saw Indian Summers that lasted one hour and others that lasted two weeks. Let's hope for two weeks.

Lyric and Cokie do not have big feet, but it looks like it from the shoes they grabbed out of the garage.

I'm not sure what Shepard is doing with that little finger, but I know he brought it with him from China. Oh well as long as we don't know I guess it doesn't matter for now.