It's Friday night and I aint' got no money...

That isn't how that song went, is it? Oh well, it should have! Anyway, Friday night we went out to dinner with several friends. One family is getting ready to leave for China to adopt an "older" girl and one just got back with their 2 y.o. son.


This little girl is a little older than she looks and she is a hoot. She thinks she is in love with Shepard. Shepard is starting to speak a little English and I think he might have gotten the message..

Is she the cutest thing ever?!Her Mom works with Mike.

My friend's daughter, Annalee, on the left and my niece on the right. Annalee is such a diva!! She is quiet and shy, but to get her to lighten up all you have to say is "let me see your outfit."

Remi loves her daddy. She has been with us close to four months now and doing GREAT. If you want to change a life go adopt an older child.

My nephew Eliot. Nice... look Eliot.