Taking back some summer

Our school started the early part of August so we decided to take a long weekend. If you haven't been to the French Lick Resort (I still think of it as the former Sheraton) you need to go. It and the West Baden Hotel down the road are a feast for your eyes. They did an awesome job on the renovation of both hotels!I love anything historical and both buildings are absolutely beautiful! I'm really sentimental about French Lick because both my parents were born and raised there. I also had three wonderful grandparents and tons of cousins that either lived there or just visited like we did. My fabulous memories of French Lick are endless. To this day I find my mind wandering back there. I wish all kids had grandparents like I did. I'm sure they had their faults, but I've yet to hear what they were.

French Lick may be small, but the town has plenty to boast about! Not only does French Lick have two of the most beautiful hotels ever, it also is home to basketball legend Larry Bird. It shouldn't be a surprise that in teeny tiny French Lick, every guy dated almost every girl at least once. :) So no big shock that my mother dated Larry Bird's uncle, and my uncle dated his mom. I had make sure I said that correct, because there was nothing odd going on there : - )) I also remember Larry Bird's mother sending flowers to my grandfather's funeral. I've heard that Larry Bird was very good to his mother, so I'm sure when my grandfather died, money wasn't an issue for her (not that she wouldn't have sent flowers anyway). I heard this almost straight from the horses mouth. It was from my Mother's second cousin who was married to Larry's great uncle Roscoe Noble. No joke! : - )))

OK, enough about Larry Bird.


I want this tile!

The West Baden was once the world's largest domed building and the 8th wonder of the world. I told Mike this the last time we were there and he didn't believe me until he looked it up. : - ) Equally amazing is its location. Indiana's richest man, Bill Cook (what is it about guys named Bill becoming billionaires), beat out Larry Bird in the war to build a casino in French Lick. We were told that he only wanted to own the French Lick Resort, but was talked into also buying the West Baden Hotel, so the historic building's renovation would get done right. I don't know how much money he put into it, but both buildings are beautiful.

We walked down the street to look at this mansion. It has been there as far back as I can remember. I came so close to peeking in the windows. I did walk up in the yard. My grandmother's house (which was no mansion) was just across the street.

My Grandmother. Her land came up to the hotel's land. We walked down to the land where her house once stood. As usual, Lyric's take on my story about her house cracked me up.

Me: "My grandmother's house was right here. They tore her house down to build the Subway."
Lyric: "Where is she now?"
Me: "She died."
Lyric: "Oh...she didn't get out of the house in time?"

My Dad with his brothers and a sister in the pic below.

My Dad's siblings

My Dad's sister.

My Aunt Adria. I got Remi's middle name from her. Aunt Adria was such a beauty and still is!

Lyric loves to write us letters.

People are constantly asking us why we adopt. Well, here you go! Two months ago, she was carrying water to flush her toilet and take a bath. She could only afford one glove and had to keep the other hand in her pocket. She, like all orphans, was considered bad luck, but look at her now enjoying one of the finest hotels. I feel sorry for all the people who don't get it. We (the people who adopt) are the most blessed people around.

We walked over to a little carnival.

Stafan not so scared.