Lael Bian Grace is 16!!

I'm not going to get all mushy and say it seems like yesterday we picked up a little 3 y.o. girl named Bian Yuhong in a city far away called Wuhan, because it doesn't. LOL It has gone by fast though. Lael is well... Lael. She is very smart and a take control kind of girl. Some of my favorite stories are when her first grade teacher, Mrs Carpenter, who still visits Lael BTW, said "it is like she has PMS." Mind you this was while she was still in 1st grade! Then, her 2nd grade teacher told us "Lael clears her own path and even the boys are intimated by her." It may be hard to believe, but Lael has been the teachers pet. I always attribute Lael's being strong and her perseverance to her surviving the orphanage.

My crooked cake.

Lael's birthday dinner.

Can't take him anywhere.

Lael has a new "friend." She isn't allowed to date so we will just call him "friend."

Lael at a Tea Party last week with some cousins. I think the verse goes something like "train up a child in the way they should go and they won't vote stupid." I did say "something" like that. We're raising Lael to be a right wing chick.

Mike Pence spoke.