We got a special treat a couple of weekends ago. Mike's former boss (and one of his favorite people) invited us to the opening night of the Indianapolis Symphony 2010 - 2011 season. Except for occassionally attending the Symphony's annual Christmas show (which is really fun), we're not really symphony people. But when we found out all of the other festivities that go along with the opening night gala, we were pretty excited. The concert was entertaining too, but I was more entertained with the antics of the conductor than the music itself. World famous violinist Itzakh Perlman was the guest conductor. As it turned out, apparently Mike and I weren't the only non-regular symphony attenders. Poor Itzakh was completely put out with us yokels who applauded between movements. He even scolded the audience at one point. It didn't work. Itzakh had about as much luck convincing the audience that clapping at the symphony is wrong as I do convincing people that clapping after songs during church is wrong.

The evening started with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres under a tent on Monument Circle. And I mean a lot of hors d'oeuvres. I had no idea what they were, but it was fun! In addition to the beautiful food, there was also a lot of great people watching to be done. I spotted the Mayor of Indy and his wife. Mike gave me a look that said, "you're not going to take his picture!" Since I want Mike to take me out again, I didn't.

From a distance, we saw Senator Lugar. No talk of Governor Daniels though. Now that would have been impressive! : - ) If he runs for president (and it sounds like he will), I'll vote for him, but then who wouldn't I vote for over who we've got now!!

The dinner was sooooo good, and the table was beautiful! I felt like Remi and Shepard, who up until recently did not make one move without first looking around to make sure they were making the right one. Trust me that is fading fast.

The blonde lady had a great personality and was fun to sit with (Mike later told me she is one of the top attorneys in our city). I was surprised, because she was very down to earth, and I really liked her. : - ) She had me laughing so much, I even stopped worrying what fork I was using.

The dessert was to die for!!! It was some kind of mousse with mocha beans. The candy on the top was shaped like a musical note. The only down side was I wanted to eat the whole thing, but how big of a pig can you really act like when you're at a place like that?!

This is Mike and his former boss, Fred. Mike loves Fred. I guess Fred must like Mike OK too, since he invited us :) Fred talks very much like a big firm lawyer (which he is). He has a deep, slow voice and carefully articulates each word as if he is making an argument to a jury.

Yes, I took the flowers off the table, but Fred's wife told me too! Fred is on the Board of the Symphony, so if they say it is OK, then it is OK.

: - ))