Twenty Seven Years!

10 years ago

Maybe about 13 years ago

At least 15 years ago! I'm going on a diet!

23 years ago and Whitney was very unspoiled.

29 years ago. Yes, Mike had risky shorts on.

As bizarre as it feels to say that we have been married 27 years, it sounds just as off-the-wall to say I have 10 kids! Oh well, it isn't like I would ever change any of it.

I fixed Mike a great dinner! Asparagus Soup and a salad wedge with blue cheese crumbles.

Jumbo Shrimp stuffed with Crab, sauteed mushrooms and mashed potatoes with a hint of horseradish.

Raspberry soufflee. Oh my goodness it was good!!

OK, so I didn't really fix it, but we ate it just the same! Oh, and since the number one question every time we go out seems to be "Where are all the kids?" they were out running the streets!