The first week Shepard was home we took him to the dentist. You never know what to expect when you first bring them home. He had three cavities. He also needed two root canals since his two front teeth had been knocked out. Friday he went to an oral surgeon and they put him to sleep to try and do it all once. The dentist said he was a tough little guy to be living in so much pain. He said his gums were full of infection and pus. So much he could only do half his root canals. He goes back to do the rest of the work soon. They pulled one tooth out, capped two with silver caps and gave him two new beautiful front teeth.

Shepard came home and laid around awhile with Bret since she is on her school home bound. Then when the other kids got home he was proud as a peacock showing off his new two front teeth and all his dental work.

His personality is really starting to change since he feels better. I'm hoping it'll also help his appetite and I think it is.