Charity Store

Since it has gotten more and more difficult to blog in China I'll just be posting randomly about my trip.

I've been to China many times, but I've never been into shopping while I was there. I love taking in the sights and I enjoy myself, but shopping in China has just never been my thing...until this last trip!! I could have bought a suitcase full of things at this store!! Everything was handmade, REALLY cute, good quality and the money goes to charity. The store is just a couple of blocks from the White Swan on Shaman Island. Also, when we were there in July the island was almost done with the construction and was beautiful.




The island

The island is confusing at first because it has all these big beautiful colonial homes. Most of the island was controlled by the British in the 19th century. The Chinese are now restoring the outside of buildings on the island to the British look. We were told the insides are not being remodeled like the outsides.

Starbucks was selling these cakes and I really wanted to buy Whitney and Brady some. They were like $50 for the pack of four! So you guys this is what I REALLY wanted to buy for you. Bringing two kids home instead of one didn't leave a budget for much shopping

If you look to the end of the street you can see the White Swan Hotel

I wanted to take a picture of this old lady, but she didn't want me to so I had to just take it from the back. : - ) For some reason I really liked the way she looked.


Because the island really is cool they actually do a lot of photography for China's big stars. There is always a bride being photographed too.