Google and School Shoes

I bought the shoes with money from the ads on my blog and nice people clicking on them! So thanks!! I was able to buy 3 pair of school shoes.

I have to do a lot of thinking about whether I have any decent hand-me-downs, who needs shoes,who doesn't, who needs casual, who needs dress and so on. Ugh!

Shepard's feet are smaller so he got Stafan's old shoes. Stafan loved the old shoes until he saw the new ones.

I wasn't crazy about Stafan's new ones,but they were on sale. Luckily, he was happy though. He saw them on TV and loved them! Whatever he wants to think. : - )

I actually bought these for Bret and Remi asked her for them. Bret said, "oh I don't care. She can have them."