Boone has discovered Mary.  He doesn't need to know she is as old as me. 


Boone:  "Mom you want to hear something weird and true?"

Me:  "Sure!"

Boone:  "My friend and me like the same girl."

Me:  "What's her name?"

Boone:  "Sophia Isabella Moretti."

Me:  "What color is her hair?"

Boone:  "Golden blond.  I call her Laura like Little House."

Me:  "Well, that sounds like Mary not Laura."

Boone:  "Yeah, she looks like Mary, but I call her Laura because it's easier."   


Stafan:  "Boone you're getting zits."  

Me:  "What?  He is kind of young for zits."

Wonder why his hair has been so oily the last few days?  I have a mystery to figure out around here.  


Me a few days later:  "Boone what is that stuff all over you nose???"

Boone:  "Vaseline."  

Me:  "You've been putting Vaseline all over you nose every night?!  Why?"  

Boone:  "Because it says for dry skin."

When I told him to wash it all off I think he used a brillo pad because now it looks like this.  




Boone:  "I also like to watch Baneese."  

Me:  "Me too!"  

I really do and it doesn't matter I've saw every episode ten times... at least.