Happy B-day to you!  We got Lael's cake at Shapiro's Kosher style delicatessen.  It has been in business for 110 years!

Lael:  "I want a Red Velvet cake!"

The little old Jewish man didn't speak, but quickly went and got the cake and boxed it all up nice and neat.  Then he nicely taped all four sides of the box. 

Lael:  "Does this cake have cheesecake inside?"

The little old Jewish man just stared at Lael.  He didn't say a word, but I know what he was thinking.  "Please don't tell me you want a different cake after I spent all that time boxing up the one you ordered."

Me:  "Lael, you did not order cheesecake."

Lael:  "But Arden's cake had cheesecake inside."

Me:  "Arden ordered a cake with cheesecake in it!"

The little old Jewish man looked relieved.

I paid  $45 for the Red Velvet Cake, picked it up and handed it to Lael for her to carry out.  

The little Old Jewish Man started to sing as we walked out the door:  "Happy Birthday to you!!!"     

True story.  LOL!!  



So before we went and picked out Lael's birthday cake, Cokie had to go to the hospital and get her bandages changed.  Lael wanted to go watch. 

Lael is now in many surgeries observing.  As a matter of fact, right after Cokie's surgery, Lael was in with Cokie's surgeon that very afternoon.  Lael was watching another surgery being done!  How cool is that?!!  I think that is cool! 


So, they are not going easy on what Lael sees.  She is in some very, very serious life threatening surgeries.  


Cokie has four different SUPER large new wounds on her leg.  One of the procedures she had two weeks ago was to release scars that had gotten too tight and restricting.  

I have to say/BRAG Cokie doesn't cry or complain.  The nurses constantly tell Cokie how strong she is! : - )

Lael: "Cokie why don't you put any weight on your foot?  You should be putting some weight on that foot."

Then, Cokie jumped on the table.  The nurse lets Cokie undo some of her bandages and tear off the special tape.  That way it doesn't hurt Cokie so much.  

Below is Lael's face when she sees Cokie's wounds--one right on the top of the foot that Cokie won't put weight on.