Beef Tenderloin Filet



 Mike and Lael had a really fun time last night at the 2016 Pacers Masquerade Ball. Not sure why they call it a masquerade, because no one wears masks or costumes. It is a fundraiser for the Pacers Foundation and the Simon Youth Foundation; both really good causes that have helped thousands of at risk kids not only in Indianapolis but across the country.  Mike and Lael had a blast, despite Mike making her have her picture taken with Paul George.  He always does that.  : - )  As they were walking over to PG, another Pacers player stopped Lael in her tracks, smiled awfully big at her and tried to get Lael to take a picture with him! Hmmmm. The picture with Bobby Leonard was from last year's event (hence the different suit, shirt and tie). Meeting Bobby Leonard did not disappoint. He was every bit as nice and down to Earth as he appears to be on television.  I took the picture and had just a bought a new camera.  After I took the picture, he walked over to me, gazed at the camera and with that endearing "Slick" Leonard drawl exclaimed, "Maayyy, that's a fan-cy cam-e-ra!!!" Rather than hurry away to hang out with Larry Legend and his other Pacer pals, Bobby was nice enough to hang around us for some small talk. Finally, he patted Mike on the shoulder and as he walked away acted as if he was the one privileged to meet Mike and me.



Ice Cream Sundae 




Mike and Larry Bird.