Cokie is such an amazing girl!  She makes me so proud of her.  She has been having her bandages changed at our Children's Hospital twice a week for the last two weeks.  She will have to keep having them changed there another week or two until she is ready for her next surgery.  The nurse today told us her next surgery will be harder than this one.  It involves skin grafts. 

But what makes me so proud is what her nurses say about her.  She has one particular nurse who has worked in the burn unit for over 20 years.  She said today that Cokie is making her say (only in her mind) to the other kids, "Why don't you act like Cokie?!  I don't hear her whining or crying!"  


If air gets in the bandages, the wound vac alarm goes off.  Ugh... But Cokie is really good at figuring out where the leak is and fixing it--much better than her Dad or me.  Actually, the nurse is quite impressed with how fast Cokie finds the leaks after the nurse changes the bandages.  Cokie has been sleeping on one couch and her Dad or me on the other couch.  Sometimes the vac wakes you up through out the night.  Mike and I get out of bed/the couch and try and fix it if Cokie doesn't.  I decided Mike needed a break from the couch tonight, so I told Cokie she and I'll be roommates tonight.  I also let her know that I'm more than fine if she fixes her own leaks.  :)

Cokie:  "Who is sleeping on the other couch tonight?"

Me:  "You can sleep with me tonight.  Here is the hospital tape and scissors.  Wake me up if you need me."


Cokie has to take the wound vac machine everywhere she goes, so she wears it like a purse (hence the black strap and the tubes you can see).  She is also on crutches for now, but she doesn't let any of it stop her from getting around. 


Our tough and beautiful Cokie.  She is no stranger to pain.  Click here to read more.