Sawyer Takes the Cake....

and the County!  And we couldn't be prouder.



My newphew Sawyer finished the season 28 - 2 and was the Hendricks County Middle School Champion for the 120 pound weight class.

The video below is a typical ending to a Sawyer match.

Shepard had a good season too.  It was his first year to wrestle, and he showed a lot of promise.  He also showed a lot of toughness.  The clip below shows how scrappy he is.  It also shows why you never let up.  The other kid does and Shepard just dives on him for two points and the win.  Gotta love that ending.


Stafan played on the 7th grade basketball team and then begged us to let him join the wrestling team after basketball season ended.  The boy couldn't stand watching Sawyer and Shepard and not being a part of the action.  So we finally gave in.  There was no tougher or competitive kid on the team for sure.  The problem for Stafan is he has never wrestled, he joined the team 3/4 of the way through the season, and he didn't know any moves.  He still earned a varsity spot and had some success by just  going out on the mat and street fighting.  What a kid.  He and Cokie have also been nominated for Junior National Honor Society, but that is another blog.