Guess who I got to meet?!! 


Yeah, it is what I call way, way, way cool!  Now guess.  There she is!  In the yellow behind me.  I'm getting up my nerve to ask for a picture. 


Condoleezza Rice!  And, if you don't pay attention to politics, well you should.  After all the country is going to Hell in a hand basket.  Condoleezza is an American political scientist and diplomat.  She served as the 66th United States Secretary of State,  and was the second person to hold that office in the administration of President George W. Bush.


He doesn't look happy does he?  Dork.   No, seriously he didn't get dorky till later. 


Mitch Daniels

Check out the secret service man in back.  They were everywhere. 


Now, I like politics a lot, but I am a woman so throughout her speech I found myself staring at her elegant dress and gorgeous muted gold shoes.  Perfect for Fall. 


And, her diamond hoop earrings...  well they sparkled beautifully.  So much that I decided to investigate "Condi's gold hoops" and found this.  : - )

Coit Blacker, a Stanford professor who is one of the secretary of state's closest friends, recalls going into a shop where Rice asked to see earrings. The clerk showed her costume jewelry. Rice asked to see something nicer, prompting the clerk to whisper some sass under her breath.

Blacker remembers Rice tearing the woman to shreds.

"Let's get one thing straight," he recalls her saying. "You are behind the counter because you have to work for minimum wage. I'm on this side asking to see the good jewelry because I make considerably more."

A manager quickly brought Rice better baubles.

I'm thinking don't mess with Condi!   



OK, the M&Ms actually mean something.  They belonged to the Mayor of Indianapolis.  We were assigned to the same table where Mayor Ballard and his wife were supposed to be seated.  The server told us whenever the Mayor attends a dinner there, a bowl of M&Ms is always waiting for him at his table.  Well, apparently, he had been out of the country.  He arrived late.  And by the time he showed up, his bowl of M&Ms wasn't waiting. 


Me:  (And I wasn't kidding) "Mike, Mayor Ballard is right behind you."  

Mike thought Ballard wasn't coming.  We'll probably never be invited to anything again!