"Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to.

Luke 13:24

Scan 285

Charge!  That's me.  Unafraid and born to be "different."  : - )  How can you be a true Christian these days and be any other way?!

Scan 289

My Mom standing on the steps with her sister Marion and her husband Curtis and two kids at the time (she had another later).  Aunt Marion's two kids in this picture (and my cousins) her son David (you'll see David grown up below with his 1st wife Heidi) and daughter, Joy Jean. 

Scan 330

My Grandpa's barn.  I think the one coming out of the barn is my brother.  My cousin Kenny is looking up.  My brothers spent a lot of Easter vacations cleaning out that barn.  Kenny died in his 50s.

Scan 303

My Mom's oldest sister Marion again.  This is her 2nd daughter, Faith Ann, who she gave birth to after Joy Jean. 

Scan 294

Aunt Marion's son David and his first wife Heidie on Grandpa's farm.  David has lived his entire life (or the part I remember) in California where my Aunt and Uncle taught school.  After my Aunt and Uncle retired they moved back to the family farm and lived until they died.  I was young when this picture was taken.  I thought Heidie with her bleach blond hair was beautiful, and classy!  I think she actually "was."  But, soon after this picture Heidie turned hippie and divorced David.  : - )  She literally gave away all her possessions and went off hitch hiking.  And that was the last I ever heard of Heidie. 

Scan 326

My Grandma with my cousin Chris.

Scan 318

My Mom's brother and his family in my Grandma's kitchen.  My Grandpa is to the right and another brother's wife beside him.

Scan 315

Before I was born.  Cousins on my Grandparent's farm.  Looks like party time.  

Scan 300

My Grandma with my Mom's youngest sister, Adria.

Scan 306
Joy Jean with another Uncle's son.

Scan 271

Aunt Adria with my brother.

Scan 278

Pinky and me!  I still remember Pinky well.  No I was not trying to hang him.
 Scan 151740001

My Mom on the right with her sister Anita, and a mystery man!  Which is very strange, since my Mom always acted to me like she was never allowed out of the house until she was 19 y.o., and only then to marry my Dad.  I'm so perplexed.  : - )
 Scan 333

I'm the little one-with my older sister and my cousin.

Scan 332

I'm the little one in the middle-with my Grandma (holding my younger sister), older sister, brother (behind me) and two cousins.

Scan 310

Cousins-again before I was born.

Scan 106

 My Dad and my brother.

Scan 284

My Mom's youngest brother, Danny.  He died of Leukemia at age 18 y.o.  This picture must have been taken right before or right after they learned he was sick.  He lived less than a year after he was diagnosed.  My Mom used to tell us how sick he was that year.  His pain was so bad they couldn't touch his bed without hurting him. Before that though he went blind and they couldn't move the furniture.  My Grandmother said the first winter after he died she thought she would lose her mind. 

Scan 286

My brother at Danny's grave.  I've been reading letters from the 60s and 70s my Grandmother had written to my Mom.  My Grandma was old and sick.  She wrote, "Dr. Keck says if I behave myself I will live several more years.  But, if I don't I'll just get to be with Danny."

You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me,

Exodus 20:5