Last night my sister drove a couple hours and picked her friend's girls up for the weekend.  They are all best friends and have been since the day they were all united in China.  My sister and her friend traveled to China together when they each adopted the first time.  In a typical sad orphanage, they were handed the tiny baby girls.  It was love at first sight for both my sister and her friend.  Let's just say the girls aren't typical.  The moms felt like they were given perfect little princesses.  


Personally, I think they are fraternal twins.  Gabrielle (white shirt) is my sister's daughter.  Katie is my sister's friend's daughter. 


And, of course, eventually we all started wondering if they are actually biological sisters. 


They basically have the same personalities.  They are fun, smart, dependable, honest and helpful.  Both girls are the perfect little daughters to their moms.


And the girls LOVE one another.


Katie's sister is in front.  Darby (Gabrielle's sister and my niece) is in the middle.  And my daughter Lyric in the back.


Do the front two look a little mischievous?  They are a good match, because neither one takes anything off the other or anyone else for that matter.  Actually, Lyric can be a little mischievous too, but in a different way. 



Speaking of mischievous. . . .  Actually, Boone managed to be really good all week.  He got a 100% on his behavior chart!  I guess making him sit with me all through church instead of going to his Sunday School class is working!  He told me he "tried so hard." 


He didn't feel good either this week (hopefully, that is not the only reason he was good).  I guess the class had a bug being passed around, and Boone caught it.  He didn't eat hardly any of his food.  I kept asking him if he was sick and he kept saying no, but he spent a lot of time in the bathroom (I know--TMI).

Boone had a substitute teacher yesterday because the teacher caught the bug too.  He said the sub  asked him about his black eye.  Hmmm... ask the gym teacher.