Happy Birthday to me.  Ugh. 


Arden did make me a VERY sweet card. 


Well, the butt was pretty big, but it was what she wrote inside. 



Lael took me to see Chris Tomlin!!  So, we went out to dinner--just the two of us--before the concert.  


They wouldn't let me bring in what they called my "professional" camera.  Who knew I had a  "professional" camera?  So I took these with my cell. 


The concert was WONDERFUL.  I texted a friend and told her I was there, and she responded let the Spirit move you.  About half way through concert, it did!  Lael does not know it (she will now after she reads this), but I cried--a lot!!  Another friend kept asking me why I cried, because she said her daughter's friend said he cried there too.  I kept saying I don't know why except the Holy Spirit was there. 


Whitney (who won't let me put her son's pic on the web BTW) gave me a big Starbucks gift certificate. 

Scan 10

I know you can't tell with Whitney being white and all, but we  adopted Whitney the day she was born (got custody of her).   Then it was finalized a couple months later.

And speaking of Whitney being "white" and Starbucks, did you hear about the Starbucks controversy

Not that it is any of Starbucks' business, but I love all people. 

whit long hair w mom

whit pretty smile


Scan 250

younger days

Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes   

James 4:14