My friend just sent me this email:  Did you get your bathroom done, or is it still in progress?

So, I took these pictures below and I'll just tell her to just check out my blog.


No, it isn't finished. 


Shepard is in hog heaven.  He can't get enough of this kind of thing.  When Mike slows down, Shepard nonchalantly hints that I should get on him.  He makes sure I know it isn't his fault his Dad is so slow.  The flooring in the right corner is the new ceramic tile they are putting down.


This is how my bedroom looks right now with the new bathroom cabinet, flooring,  faucets, mirrors and lights.  Sigh...   To the right is my Mom's dark blue dress.  My Mom died almost 15 years ago and saved a dress she wore a lot. 


And this is how my closet looks while I'm waiting on everything to get done.  Along with a ladder stuck right in the middle of the room,  I have all Mike's tools thrown everywhere.