It stinks when you get in trouble at school and your Mom makes you sit with her in church instead of going to Sunday School.  And it stinks even more when your Sunday School is in a brand spanking new Children's Center complete with an indoor play ground.  Our new Children's Center has everything -- except Boone, at least last Sunday.   


Boone got in trouble for playing Ninja too rough with other boys on recess and had to sit on the sidewalk.  Too much pushing and shoving I think. 


It wasn't his teacher that he got in trouble with.  It was another teacher on recess duty. 


Scan 246

Boone's church notes.  I noticed he wrote Mom, Dad and baby.  So I asked what the baby meant.  He said he just wrote it for fun.  Hmmm...  I had told him to stop acting like a baby at school.  And, he said the $3000 meant he wanted that for this picture.  


Boone's  class won the Golden Shoe Award right after he spent "time" on the sidewalk, but look who has the Golden Shoe Award.  The boy seems to always come out smelling like a rose.

So, I say to Arden, "Well he is the cutest kid in class."  Arden says I'm biased.  Well I'm not!  : - )  And this picture proves it!