I really don't get depressed during the winter like some people do, but when I look at the summer pictures below, which were taken several years back, I think I could.  So, I was reading: 

10 Cool Ways to Beat the Winter Blues.

1. Exercise

I do exercise more than I used to.   After a certain age you don't have much choice!  : - ((

2. Eat a Healthy Diet

It is debatable whether I eat healthy.   Today I did eat Salmon, lots of berries (Kroger is having a sale on strawberries and raspberries) and I made a lemon pound cake.  : - )))

3. Get Some Sun


4. Act on your Resolution

I'm trying.  More reading my Bible.  More praying. 

5. Avoid Binge Drinking

Don't drink.  Never have.

6. Treat Yourself

I do that a lot--just ask Mike.  

Mike:  "OK, it's time to stop spending money."  I hate it when he says that! 

7. Relax!

I do my share.  Unlike spending money, Mike could care less how much I relax.  He is good that way.  LOL 

8. Embrace the Season

Ugh...  I just don't "embrace" winter.

9. Get Social Support

I guess I do that.  Had coffee with a friend of over 25 years yesterday.  Today a friend called (kindred spirits).  Seeing several friends plus my sister tomorrow.  Hey, this is a good week.  

10. Catch some Zzzz’s    

I'm sure  I don't get enough of that!  I have 10 kids still at home.   










Boone:  "Who is that?"

Me: "My family."

Boone:  "Your new family?"

Those are my two sisters and my brother.  Boone sees my sisters all the time.  My youngest, he sees several times a week so I guess we've changed/aged a whole lot since he didn't even recognize her.  Oh my, time does fly by!



OK, to show you how weird I am... I made two pound cakes today because I couldn't make up my mind what recipe I wanted to use.  : - )