Can you tell Boone isn't the happiest he has ever been?


One of these days he is going to face the fact that his teacher and his Mom both have email. 


I know how his day went even before he gets off the school bus.


Spending the entire evening with his Dad isn't exactly always exciting.



Boone's teacher sent me this last week.  Boone's teacher also had Stafan and Shepard in her class when they were first learning English.  Stafan had her one year and then he looped and got to move up with her!  Then Shepard came and got to go in their class.  She put their desks right beside one another.  Shepard knew no English, but knew Stafan was his new brother.  Shepard was nice to everyone in the class-except Stafan!  She had to move their desks apart because Shepard would hit only Stafan.  They both loved her though, and Boone does too! 


Stafan and Shepard at the airport meeting for the very first time.  Unfortunately, it didn't go well.  We didn't realize it yet, but Shepard was running a slight fever from having his two front teeth knocked out.  His gums were full of infection, and the last thing he wanted to do was play.  Stafan was very disappointed the new kid wasn't much fun.  We did take Shepard to the dentist his first week home, but even the dentist didn't catch right away his gums were severely infected.