As I briefly mentioned in my last post, this past weekend Remi's foster sister visited from Oregon.  Remi lived with her several years in a foster home in China.  We adopted Remi in 2010, and her foster sister was adopted shortly after.  This is the second time Remi's foster sister has been able to come here and spend time with Remi.  This time, she stayed a couple of days with us.   She and Remi always have so much fun getting together.  They stay in close touch year round.  They text each other (a lot!) and use facetime and who knows what else to stay in touch.  Technology can be scary, but it also can be a wonderful thing.

Remi's foster sister is not to be confused with Remi's biological sister, Abigail, whom I also have talked about in prior posts.  We  recently confirmed Abigail was not just Remi's best friend in China.  We had the girls DNA tested last spring.  You can read about what God did if you click here.  All three girls (Remi, her foster sister and Abigail) spent about 5 years together in China.  Abigail was living right next door to Remi, and their foster moms were friends.  None of the girls were treated very well by their foster moms and they have some some actual scars to prove it!  Despite not treating them well in China, the foster families like for the girls to call them.  Remi and her foster sister do call their foster family occasionally, when the mood strikes them.  I wish I could come up with a better term for foster "family," because they didn't treat Remi like family when they had her.  But I guess Remi's foster family is still her "link" to a big part of her life, and it gives her a great opportunity to keep her Chinese language.   


Remi's foster sister is energetic, playful and fun.  Remi and Abigail have totally different personalities.  They are both quiet and often serious girls.  Remi can be very competitive though when it comes to her sports. 


I had plans for the day, so Remi's Dad took the girls out for the day.  Since Remi's foster sister is from Oregon, she wanted to know what Indianapolis was famous for.  That's an easy one!


Of course, this time of year you can't really tell what the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is truly all about.  It is one of the largest sporting events in the entire world!


On Memorial Day weekend each year, the stands (which circle the track) and the infield are filled with about a quarter-million people for the annual running of the Indianapolis 500.


But this chilly November day, there were only a handful of people there to visit the museum.  The girls also got to take ride around the famous 2 1/2 mile oval track -- in a bus going about 30 mile per hour.  The Indy race cars average about 230 MPH.



One thing our Chinese kids always like to do is visit an authentic Chinese store in Indianapolis.   Just a few years ago, the girls were constantly eating this kind of "stuff."  Personally,  I don't touch it!